The below steps will guide you on how to set up Two-Factor Authentication via SMS on Envi FX. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication is mandatory. You would not be able to perform certain actions on your account without having Two-Factor authentication enabled via an app or via SMS.

  • If you would like to set up Two-Factor authentication using an authenticator app, Click/Tap here.

  • To be able to enable Two-Factor authentication via SMS. You would need to verify the mobile phone you will be using. If you have not done that yet, please Click/Tap here to see how to do so.

  • Once enabled, you will need to enter a 6-digit code every time you try to log in. 
    The code will change every time.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to set up Two-Factor authentication via SMS.

Click/Tap on Settings.

Click/Tap on Enable 2fa via SMS. 

An SMS would be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the 6-digit code that is on the SMS in the box that on your Envi FX account.

Click/Tap on Enable 2FA via SMS.