The below steps will guide you on how to join an investment fund and begin investing on Envi FX.

  • Before joining a fund, you will need to create an Investor account if you have not already. For guidance, click/tap here.
  • You will need to transfer your funds via Internal Transfer to join a fund. Click/tap here for guidance.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to Join an Investment Fund

Go to the My Accounts tab and click on the Settings icon to access the widget.

Select a Fund to join and click on the Join button.

(It is very important to make a knowledgeable decision on who to invest with.)

View the Offer thoroughly and if you would like to invest, scroll downwards to input your Investor credentials you have received via e-mail.

Enter an Initial Investment and agree to the Terms of PAMM Service.

A request will now be sent to the Money Manager. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Manager to confirm, or for the Investment to be automatically approved by the system.