The below steps will guide you on how to create a PAMM Manager Account on Envi FX:

  • By creating a PAMM Manager Account, you will be able to start a fund so that potential investors can join and invest. You will also become a Money Manager.

  • Kindly note that Money Manager accounts can only be opened in USD.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to set up a PAMM Manager Account.

Click/Tap on Accounts.

Click/Tap New Account and on the Account Type drop-down menu and select EnviFX MT4 PAMM Manager or MT5 PAMM Manager.

Click/Tap on the checkbox to accept the Terms & Conditions

Click/Tap on Create Account.


Once the account has been created, you will need to create a fund.

Click/Tap on the Plus symbol under the Actions column.

Fill in the required information regarding your Fund:

- Name 

- Currency 

- Leverage

Optionally, you can also fill in a description.

Click/Tap on Create Investment Fund.



Please note that only ONE PAMM Manager Account can be created per MT4 and MT5, however, there is no limit on how many Funds you can create.