The below steps will guide you on how to take part in the Funded Account Challenge on EnviFX: 

  • We currently offer our customers the option to take part in the Funded Account challenge.

  • You have the opportunity to get a Funded Account and get 80% of the profits!

  • Trade with zero risk of losing your money! We will cover the losses. 

Step-by-Step Guide on how to get started on the Funded Account Challenge: 

Log in to your Dashboard.

Tap on New Challenge.  

Select the account size you prefer: 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, or 200K; and choose a Trading Platform (MT4/MT5). 

Review the order and add coupons if you have any. 

Scroll down to choose the payment method of your preference and tap on Proceed to Payment.

Scan the QR code or use the address to send the funds from your wallet provider. 

The system will not automatically send the credentials if the full amount is not received. 

If the payment is not completed, we will notify you so that you can finish this process and receive your credentials successfully. 

As soon as the email with your login details is received, your challenge will begin.